Why Future Builders?


The world with its complex system of mutual correlations is becoming more and more transparent to us. Climate, food, health or raw material crises push people towards the concept of sustainable developmnt. Technological progress must go hand in hand with respect towards our resources to a larger than so far extent, while the world economy needs to take into considertaion all the non-apparaent costs. These issues inspired the launch of “Future Builders” project – a forum for cosntruction, architecture and urbanism experts concerned about a better tomorrow for the humanity, for which we are in fact all responsible. 

While sightseeing ancient cities we often get amazed about the broadness and complexity of visions of ancient planners. The works of former achitects continue to raise our admiration and evoke heated discussions – about paradigm of a good life, functional space, use of natural resources. Their cities still stand strong and we are perfectly aware of the relations among their inhabitants, the way their life looked like in the buildings, cities and states designed and raised so long ago.

We also know a lot about the fallen civilizations, abandoned cities and ruined buildings the inhabitants of which were not the victims of large motions of the Wheel of History. Perpahs a question ought to be raised here: how resistant to future crises were their drafts, desigs, plans?

“Future Builders” project will motivate the architects, and planners for their cities and objects to bring joy to the future generations of inhabitants. It is designed to sensitize them to the issues of a harmonous co-existance and sustainable development. Their works – new buildings, estates and cities are supposed to be framed inside the social and natural surroundings not contributing to any tensions or conflicts. Quite the opposite: their goal is to unload and overrule them.

We invite all those who deeply care about the future of cities and thus, our civilization, to join the discussions about directions, visions, ideas and doubts. The architects and planners as well as officials and entrepreneurs from the construciton industry will be provided with a new forum, based on online and offline conferences and congresses (subject to the pandemic restrictions allowing for same). Access to them will be free of charge and the speakers will include the luminaries of the world architecture, design, urbanism and spatial planning. Our idea and the initiative formed out of it is also supported by the most powerful organizations and the most opinion-building media. Along with the Polish National Chamber of Architects associating all Polish architects.  

Achieving a significant market success obliges to do more. The future life of all of us depends to the greatest extent on those who are the best fitted into the modernity. It is not surprising that the leading companies of innovative technologies and advanced knowledge support corporate responsibility to the largest degree. The fact that the construction sector of the future, hopefully effectively realizing the potential in the scope of greenhouse gas emission reduction by more than 35%, is supported by Aluprof – a brand and company recognized by its motto “Let’s build a better future” is quite evident.