Terms and Conditions of Future Builders

General Information:

By setting up an account at future-builders.com, you express consent for the processing of your personal data by Aluprof S.A., ul. Warszawska 153, 43-300 Bielsko-Biała (KRS 0000106225, REGON 070424429, NIP 5470242884) tel.: +48 (33) 819 53 00, fax: +48 (33) 822 05 12, e-mail: aluprof@aluprof.eu in order to register at future-builders.com which is an equivalent of obtaining information related to it, in particular, to the submitted email address. 

IMPORTANT: You are entitled, at any point in time, to withdraw your consent which shall not impact compliance with the law of the processing executed until such withdrawal. 

If in doubt as to the manner of processing of your personal data, you may always contact our Data Protection Inspector at e-mail: iod_aluprof@grupakety.com tel. +48 33 819 53 00.

Aluprof S.A. Shall process your submitted personal data pursuant to Art. 6 par. 1 point a (consent) of GDPR*. Submission of data is a voluntary contractual condition and non-submission shall result in an inability to participate in projects or events related to future-builders.com.

Your data will not be transferred to any third states nor to any international organizations.

Find out more about the matter of data processing by Aluprof S.A. by visiting: https://aluprof.eu/firma/rodo

Who will have access to your data and for which purpose:

Your submitted data will be used for your identification (in particular to verity the correctness of data and your will to join the project of future-builders.com) as well as for obtaining information related to this project, including in particular the information regarding online meetings held in the framework of the project. Additional data in the form of first name, surname, company name and city are necessary for us in order to verify your identity for the purpose of participation in in live online meetings with a possibility of asking questions via chat. 

Data indicated by you will be disclosed to: 

  1. Authorized employees/associates of Aluprof S.A., external IT system personnel (solely for the purpose of system maintenance), external company supporting the organization and marketing actions of future-builders.com as well as external mailing service provider. Your data may also be disclosed to relevant public authorities, provided that they are duly authorized in this regard in accordance with the binding provisions of law.
  1. Co-participants, host (moderator) and invited guests of online conferences; In justified cases external legal personnel, auditors and Data Protection Inspector at Aluprof S.A.  

Period of your data processing:
We will process your data for the period of realization of the future-builders.com project until such time when:

  1. Your consent is withdrawn which may be carried out by clicking on the link “I resign” in the lower part of each message received as part of the future-builders.com project or through sending an information with a demand of consent withdrawal to the email address kontakt@future-builders.com as a result of which our Newsletter subscription will be discontinued,
  2. we are informed of invalidity or incorrectness of data,
  3. upon the expiry of 3 years after future-builders.com project completion. 

Furthermore, the information about resigning along with personal data may be stored for a period of subsequent 3 years for evidence purposes. For this period of time, data will not be used for any other purposes than archiving, until submission of potential claims. 

Your rights:

You are entitled to demand that Aluprof S.A. Grants you access to your personal data, their amendment, removal or submission of a demand for limiting the processing as well as the right to submit an objection against data processing and the right to transfer data and obtain their copies. The use of some of the indicated rights may be limited, depending on the context of the processing. For this purpose, please send us a message with your demand at kontakt@future-builders.com.

Your data shall not be used for profiling purposes in the meaning of Art. 22 of GDPR. This means that your data will not be subjected to automated use for assessing your certain personality features.

You are entitled to submit a complaint to the supervisory body – Personal Data Protection Office.(www.uodo.gov.pl). Please be informed that your personal data shall not be disclosed to any international organization.

IMPORTANT: should you find any of the provisions unclear, please contact our Data Protection Inspector directly. He or she will be happy to answer all your questions (iod_aluprof@grupakety.com tel. +48 33 819 53 00).